Maria L. Casares

I’m an East Chicago resident for over 50 years. I attended college once my children were in school full-time. I have a degree in Business! Regarding my professional experience, I have been a licensed agent for the last 35 years. I really like my job because I enjoy working with people and sharing knowledge about the insurance they should know. Truly fulfilling! Educating customers on the importance of insurance is extremely important to me – opening a chapter on how the insurance works and how it covers them! Working with staff and seeing them grow & sharing the excitement of selling is also great.

My personal joy is my family and it extends to my work family also. Even customers are treated like family in our agency. Be true to your heart! I tend to care too much some say. I don’t think so, if you can’t sell from your heart; it’s not real or caring. When I’m not working, I enjoy relaxing or at an outing with family.