Renter’s Insurance

One common mistake among renters is not purchasing renters insurance. As a renter, you not only want to protect yourself from the loss of personal property damage, you also need to be covered in case you damage someone else’s property, whether it is the building or another renter’s personal belongings. Many landlords are not requiring their renters to be fully insured before signing a rental agreement.

How it works

In the event of damage to your rental property, this type of insurance may cover the loss of your belongings, the cost of finding a temporary place to stay, and even cover your meals. Imagine having everything you own destroyed by a fire and having to replace those items. It could take years to save enough money to replace everything you have accumulated. Being insured will prevent this scenario from happening.

Insurance for renters also covers you in the event you damage someone else’s property or someone gets injured in your residence. Should someone decide to sue you for damage, the legal costs will be covered under your policy. However, you should always confirm exactly what is covered in your policy to be sure it offers complete protection.

There are several different types of insurance contracts when you rent a property. One may cover the damages from a fire with different exclusions, including valuable art and antiques. Always inventory your property and check to see if you may require additional coverage.

Without renters insurance, you are putting yourself at great risk. What happens if you accidentally leave the water running in the bathtub? One mistake like this can cost thousands of dollars in damage to personal items and even more in damage to the building itself. The fact is that the benefits are purchasing insurance for yourself when you rent are too great to ignore.