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When you make the decision to purchase a new or used recreational vehicle, you may need to purchase recreational vehicle insurance. This is a type of coverage that may not be available through all larger and more well-known insurance companies, but there are numerous companies that do offer this type of coverage. Coverage and policy options can vary by policy and by insurer. Depending on the type of vehicle that you purchase, this may be optional or a required coverage.

How it works

There may be a legal requirement that you purchase a minimum amount of recreational vehicles insurance if you purchase a vehicle that can be driven on roadways, such as a coach-style RV. If you use a towable RV, such as a pop-up camper trailer, the legal requirement for coverage may not be present. However, if you have a loan in place on your RV, the lender may require that you purchase coverage. It is important that you understand if you are required to purchase coverage and what the minimum coverage levels are.

Even when you are not required to purchase a minimum amount of coverage, it is important to note that coverage can minimize your exposure to liability and your risk for financial loss if you have an accident or if another type of mishap occurs. Some coverage may go into effect if the RV is damaged due to a natural weather event, theft, vandalism, and other events.

When you file a claim on your coverage, you generally will be required to pay a deductible. The insurance company will determine the number of your benefits based on the coverage that you have purchased. In some cases, such as with severe damage, the policy may pay to replace your RV.

Regardless of whether you are required by law or by your lender to purchase RV insurance, there are considerable benefits associated with purchasing this type of coverage. You can consider some of the different scenarios that may result in the need to file a claim, and you can review some of the coverage options today to learn more about the costs and benefits.

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