Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers any incidents involving a personal vehicle that is being used for business purposes. Coverage for liability, collision, personal injury and uninsured motorists are covered as a part of the typical plan. If the vehicle is utilized in any capacity for business reasons, a commercial auto policy is generally recommended.

What is commercial auto protection?

Commercial auto insurance functions similarly to a personal auto policy. It supplements any existing coverage for a personal policy. Liability, comprehensive, collision and other added protections are often offered as a part of a particular policy.


Who needs commercial auto coverage?

A commercial auto coverage policy is used for business owners driving a vehicle for business-related reason. Traditional coverage doesn’t always offer protection for drivers if the person gets in an accident while conducting business. If the person primarily drives the vehicle for commercial purposes, a commercial auto policy is necessary.

What are the different types of commercial auto protection available?

There are several different types of commercial auto policies available. Collision, comprehensive and specified perils are available as a part of any policy. If the vehicle mistakenly overturns, the accident is covered. If the vehicle is involved in any type of accident not related to a collision or an overturn incident, the vehicle is protected. Under this type of plan, glass breakage, fallen objects, earthquakes, theft or fire are covered. Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection handles property damage and any injuries. The specified perils option is extended to named items identified in a particular policy. There are also a range of commercial truck insurance policies available as well to cover cargo, towing and non-trucking liability.


How it works

A plan can cover one or several vehicles as a part of a fleet. The policy will cover any damage to a vehicle resulting from a natural event, accident or other incident. A claim filed will cover the cost of repairs. Coverage is also extended to any employees permitted to operate the vehicle for commercial purposes. Protection is available up to the entire value of a policy.

A commercial plan covers any damage to a vehicle that occurs as a part of an incident if the vehicle is operated for business purposes. Business owners don’t have to worry about whether or not their vehicle is adequately protected if an incident occurs while conducting business. Policyholders can cover as many vehicles as desired with varying levels of protection. Leased vehicles are also covered as part of a policy.

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